About Us

Estancia Peuma Hue is an enchanting hotel and Eco-lodge nestled within the grounds of the first and largest national park in Argentina, Nahuel Huapi National Park, in the Northern Patagonia Lake District.

Peuma Hue´s 500 acres of wilderness are located at the southern end of Lake Gutiérrez, only 25 minutes south from the town of Bariloche, 35 minutes from Mt Catedral and 45 minutes from its international airport. Bariloche is the gateway to the northern Patagonian Andes and an internationally renowned mountain resort, famous for its wonderful skiing in winter and its unique beauty in spring, summer and fall.

Estancia Peuma Hue is easily accessible, but still maintains a peacefulness and majestic nature found in few other locations. Our Estancia and boutique hotel provides a gorgeous setting to explore this slice of heaven on earth. Explore the impressive mountain scenery on horseback, or hiking on one of our numerous mountain trails that rise high above the estancia into the mountain, creeks, waterfalls, majestic forests, meeting a variety of fauna that call our estancia home while lodging in its cozy hotel!

The Mountain Lodge comprises 2 houses with 4 independent rooms each and 3 private villas for accommodations; a boardroom, a Non-denominational Temple, an organic vegetable garden and greenhouse, boathouse, stables and pastures for the horses and cabins for our wonderful staff. With a capacity for 28 guests and staff living on-site, our eco-lodge offers a highly personalized experience and an inviting atmosphere for all.


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The dream

Estancia Peuma Hue, meaning “the place of dreams” in the native Mapuche language, is the incarnation of a dream. The owner, Evelyn Hoter, had always believed that she would find a place bringing together an inspiring natural environment and the tools needed to enhance one’s health, peaceful existence and a meaningful life. Upon discovering the land that was to become Peuma Hue she was overcome with a deep bodily truth confirming that she had found her inspiration, her place in the world.

Building our “place of dreams”

With a history of abuse and abandonment, the amazing property was now given the tools needed to return to its organic roots. Evelyn and her team of fellow environmentally-friendly-minded staff took to removing the non-native rosa mosqueta (rose hip) plant that was attempting to take over the previously degraded valley within the estate. It was understood that to help the land, flora and fauna return to its natural state, all of the rehabilitation needed to be done by hand. The team went to work removing the thorny bush inch by inch, eventually providing a place of rejuvenation and growth for the native plants. Fast-forward to today and the property is a lush landscape of indigenous plants such as coihue, lenga and ñire trees, and a place of serenity for native animals like the Andean condor, cauquén goose or black faced ibis. A large organic garden was also created to provide guests with vibrant meals freshly harvested from the Patagonian soil.

In addition to supporting the natural habitat, Evelyn and her staff also promoted the local handcrafted specialty of log and stone architecture into the atmosphere of Estancia Peuma Hue. With the help of local artisans each log that came from local sustainable forestry plantations was carved by hand, the wrought iron used for interior decoration was molded by hand and each stone was hand-picked and came mostly from local slides. The remodeling of a forgotten shack, construction of the well-thought out deluxe villas and creation of a stone Non-denominational Temple brought the initial dream to fruition.

With the flourishing landscape and impressive accommodations ready for guests, Evelyn and the staff of Estancia Peuma Hue turned their attention to creating a personalized unforgettable experience for each visitor. From the flavorful organic meals to 5-star quality rooms, from guided horseback trips that take you into the gardens of paradise to lush forests that provide an awe-inspiring landscape for hiking. From kayaking the turquoise water of Lake Gutiérrez to an atmosphere that promotes love, friendship and great times, Estancia Peuma Hue is our slice of heaven on earth and the perfect place to experience the joys of Patagonia!

 And yet there is more to it – intangible – that has to do with warmth, sharing, thoughtfulness, Beauty, Peacefulness, Joy and Spiritual aspects. For each person it is different and this is something we respect the most. We try to tap into what each one needs, trying to provide a meaningful time and making a little difference. So many guests and visitors refer to this place as “being in another world”.


Sustainable Tourism policy at our Eco Lodge

Socially beneficial practices

Everything in Peuma Hue tries to involve a social, environmental and community development practice and consciousness. When we arrived to the area we fostered social development among our neighbors by bringing in a power line and thus being able for all of them to have access to electricity for the first time. Over the years we assisted oncoming generations in the area improving their lots for them to build their houses. We hired many local people from around the property to work with us and fostered a new quality of life in people who used to live with a very basic economy and survival practices. We also try to promote a community conscience within our staff enabling a support network among us, providing housing for staff and their families, education and economic growth.

Environmentally beneficial practices

The property, even though within the National Park, was completely abandoned with cattle grazing and illegal lumbering and fishing going on before we arrived. Since our arrival, native forest is coming back, we are eradicating introduced species, controlled illegal lumbering and fishing and foster environmental practices in those living in and visiting the property, spreading the consciousness in the area. Maintaining the purity of our waters is a must for us, guarding our centennial forests, guarding the place as a whole. Each year more migrating birds are choosing Peuma Hue as their nesting and breeding home. We recycle all our garbage, using the organic waste for the compost that goes to our vegetable and greenhouse. We urge our staff and guests to make a rational consumption of water and energy. We are currently in the process of installing a small hydro-electric power plant as a source of clean and renewable energy. Our vegetable garden and greenhouse are organic, free from chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. Our sewage and drainage systems were built following the National Park’s regulations avoiding the pollution of the lake and our pristine groundwater. We try to generate a greater awareness of environmental conservation throughout our staff and guests.

Practices that financially benefit the local community

Since our arrival we gathered tour operators and hotel owners within the south end of the National Park creating an association that fosters a different kind of tourism, environmentally conscious, with small groups, personalized service and a strong love and passion for the area. We thus started a joined collaboration to develop and promote the area in a different way which gave way to the formation of similar groups in the area. We foster collaboration and join efforts with other companies and organizations. We belong to another association of small socially responsible businesses & founded the active tourism board and active tourism corporate bureau in our town. We assist local NGOs focused in culturally diverse and integrated educational programs, providing labor to their students from native and rural origin to practice the learning they acquired, providing the venue to sell their handicrafts and raising consciousness among our guests about the need of support in the area, favoring donations.

Health & Wellbeing beneficial practices

Staying at Peuma Hue is healthy in itself. Without necessarily formal practices, it is highly common for our guests to undergo personal transformation, deeply felt experiences, deep connections to other people, animals, Nature and within themselves with an expanded feeling of Peace and Connection. Everything around fosters this: a powerful energy walking through the forest & mountains, the purity of our water, the silence, the Magnificence and Beauty of Nature around; the special warm, caring and welcoming service of our staff; the delicious, balanced and healthy meals prepared with organic vegetables from our garden by our angel chef Manuela Luna; the connection with our animals; all the activities guided with care, love and passion. It is a “natural Spa”, enhanced also by other services we offer such as massages, healing, meditation, Yoga, our Wellbeing Program, Personal Development Workshops and Connection to Nature.