Animal Friends

The animals of Estancia Peuma Hue are an important aspect of the true essence of life throughout the property.

Roaming freely around, their unconditional love, easy-going attitude and beauty help keep us humans in a constant state of joy, laughter and appreciation. We share the land of Peuma Hue openly with our horses, dogs, cats and Patagonian wildlife. While visiting the serenity of the landscape it is not uncommon to have Barack – born three days before the United States presidential election – Mamba’s father, joining you for a visit, hoping you may have some apples to share….

Our golden retriever “boys” are always willing to play tour guide and show you around the various mountain trails. The border collies take care of the horses and accompany every ride. You can relish in the awe-inspiring chance to visit with some of Patagonia’s amazing fauna and multiple and varied bird life.

Whether it is a giant condor landing on a ledge to say hello and then soaring into the thermals of the Andes winds, a silver tailed fox peaking from behind the “colihue” bamboo or an European hare whizzing by, our serene atmosphere supports the interaction and harmony of the animals in their natural habitat.