Evelyn Hoter

Quick to point out that she is not the owner of Peuma Hue, but merely a part of the greater whole, Evelyn is a true advocate for nature, sustainability and promoting the greater good in all.

Originally from Buenos Aires, she was a psychotherapist for 20 years, a professional ontological coach and owner of an adventure travel agency before beginning the fulfillment of her life dream with Peuma Hue in 1999. One of the great joys that she appreciates is the interaction with guests, animals and surrounding natural environment. Often accompanying her guests on outdoor adventures, her in-depth knowledge of the backyard trail system, flora and fauna helps visitors truly connect with the wonderment of the Patagonian forest. Fully bilingual in English and Spanish, she also understands German, French and Italian.

And supporting the spirit of it all, giving a hand to whoever needs it, prompt to be early picking up the staff on the road, to guiding guests on walks, to maintenance chores and participating in wonderful conversations around the table, is Reuben Rich, Evelyn´s beloved companion!! He goes back and forth from his home in Bozeman, MT, USA to his new home he found at Peuma Hue, that gathers most of what he loves and values in life. A keen hiker, skier, angler and birder, he´s an invaluable part of our team, loved by all and very much missed when not around.

Luis Pennacca
General Manager

Born in Buenos Aires, started working as a risk analyst at international banks. A tireless traveler, Luis has traveled 4 continents and discovered his passion for hospitality and tourism, adding to his experience while working at different hotels and, eventually, founding his own Travel Agent Company in Bariloche as way for developing further his passion for service.  Luis knows and understands tourism industry from every perspective.

He is married to Manu – our main chef – and, together with their daughters Maeva and Tiare, they live at the Estancia.  Luis became our Manager adding his very special heart and unique skills to lead our team as only he knows how to do it; in harmony and friendliness, motivating the team in the same direction. Speaks perfect English and Spanish.

Luz Davico
Sales and Marketing

Born in S.C. de Bariloche, she studied Literature in La Plata.  Luz is in charge of Marketing and Reservations; taking care, assisting, answering and organizing all enquiries with her enthusiasm and professional approach, which assures from way ahead the best experience for our guests upon arrival.

Her job unifies all aspects of a guest’s stay, communicating every detail to all our different areas to ensure a real special experience. Quick, sharp, smart and perceptive, Luz kept learning and is in charge of all our Sales Department and internal communications.

Jessica McNeil
Hostess and horseback riding guide

Born in California, she was raised in the Sierra Mountains where she developed her love for the mountains and beautiful lakes. As a young girl, she volunteered for 2 years at a horse stable and fell in love with horses. Later, she studied Photography, Geology, and Spanish in school. She came to Argentina to teach English and lived in Buenos Aires for 7 months. She wasn’t content with this path and searched out more in Argentina, coming to the estancia looking for an opportunity to learn more about animals, nature, and Spanish. When she arrived she fell in love and adopted the place as her home.

Her enthusiasm and love for horses, trekking, kayaking, and all the activities offered is both genuine and contagious. She pays special attention to each guest´s needs to help plan the perfect vacation for everyone. With a big smile and passion shares stories, adds joy and opens new possibilities in our guests’ minds helping them achieve a memorable stay. Being so close and loving to animals in general and a wonderful rider, she kept learning from Cris about horse handling and guiding, and is now helping Cris by guiding our horseback rides as well. But her several tasks don’t even end there. She’s into every detail helping with housekeeping and operations and providing a helping hand when the office so requires it. She´s fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Manuela Luna
Main Chef

Manuela, or lovingly nicknamed Manu, is a magician in the kitchen. Her culinary mastery is engrained in her genes, stemming from her grandmother. Although she initially studied art design, she quickly discovered that her appreciation for the art of fine cooking was more than a hobby and soon began the scholastic journey to make it her passion. After graduating from the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy she found herself in Bariloche, realizing immediately it was her place in the world. She’s a great asset to Estancia Peuma Hue, offering her incredible gourmet, delicious, balanced and healthy meals, based on our organic garden and home-made products. Her enthusiastic energy, love for life and joyful disposition not only influences her fresh and flavorful dishes, it also helps invite a smile to every meal.

Ronnie Pruden
Masseur and Healer

An advocate of holistic healing for most of his life, Ronnie began his journey in 1986 with Breema; a healing practice that involves “nurturing touch, tension- relieving stretches, and rhythmic movements to create physical, mental, and emotional balance, in an atmosphere of harmony and non-judgment.” This practice opened his horizons to other healing ideologies such as Swedish-esalen massage, shiatsu, Chinese and natural medicine, Thai massage, as well as osteopathy. He enjoys combining western and eastern medicines into a holistic approach promoting the overall well-being of a person.

Cristhiana Barrett

Born and raised in the area, Cris spent her childhood riding along the andean trails with her family, arranging pack horses and camping out at night, thus building a close relationship and knowledge about horses and nature. Today she’s a horsewhisperer with a strong connection with her horses: they respond and trust her as their leader. In charge of the horseback raiding and the horses at Peuma Hue, she adds her expertise in safety and first aid and joins in the Personal Develompment Workshops providing her experience in connection to animals. A strong, independent, loyal and committed spirit, her soul is central to this magic place. She speaks Spanish and English and studies French.

Vero Magnetto
Yoga Classes and Workshops

Vero Magnetto, a passionate seeker of her own truth. Life synchronies attracted her to Peuma Hue to guide our Yoga Classes and Workshops – what a blessing to us! While she was professionally developing in the corporate world during 14 years, she started with studies and experiences fostering the expansion of consciousness. This path gave her a better understanding of human evolution. Currently she also studies Biological and Quantum Medicine, where she approaches a new paradigm for healing and disease which significantly enriches each Yoga class, a deep experience in many levels.

As a Yoga Iyengar practitioner, she engraves aspects of this method in each class she teaches, but having a solid knowledge in other disciplines and traditions as well, she enhances each class as only she can do. Through the physical practice, she guides each student to observe and work each aspect of ourselves, breaking through deeper layers and every corner of the body to create width, breadth and length. Even a little of this practice will shelter you from sorrow. Why not access mind through the body? Lift the chin up, throwing your shoulders back, standing straight. Every encounter with her students is devotional for Vero, looking with eyes beyond ordinary and seeking heart connection. She thus connects in a unique way adding to each one what he/she needs: a word, a movement, a frequency, a lesson, an awareness…

Vero also leads several of our Wellbeing programs and Yoga Workshops, offering experiences such as Mindful or Healing Walking.

Samuel Torres
Gardener and Maintenance

For loved ones, “Little Buddah” is a true reincarnation of his nickname given by the team. His special relationship to Mother Earth, green thumb and impressive work ethic has literally brought Estancia Peuma Hue to the picturesque, tranquil area that it is today. He began his love affair with the ranch in 1999, fighting a nine-foot-high wall of rosa mosqueta. The thorny rose hip was no match for his tenacity and has slowly evolved into lush green organic grass fields, bloom-filled flower beds and a haven for native flora and fauna. Besides building the single track trails, dirt roads for access and maintaining the gardens and all the facilities, Samuel loves to take you on boat rides and is always delighted to show visitors the magnificent Patagonian fishing holes surrounding Estancia Peuma Hue.