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Brother David, Matthieu Ricard and so much more

Brother David, Matthieu Ricard and so much more…

By Eve Hoter
Sept 2018

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Within the larger frame of a 1500 people Education event in Buenos Aires called Educating our Future, organized by an NGO called Living in Gratefulness (Vivir Agradecidos) founded by Brother David Steindl-Rast, Peuma Hue was blessed by a day visit with these masters.
When I learned about the “Educating our Future” event this year, I asked if I could participate in as many days as possible throughout the event. Thank you, Lizzie and Beto Rizzo and Gaby Dibar from Vivir Agradecidos and the two “Ales”, Alejandra Cordes and Alejandro De Grazia, from Green Tara cultural and film productions and the Anima Film Festival, for allowing me to be there!! After the event, we were blessed with their visit.
Br. David, a Benedictine monk, psychologist, anthropologist and author (and so much more…), is a pioneer together with the Dalai Lama in the interreligious dialogue and founded Beyond Religions. An advocate for living in Gratefulness, in his 92 years of life, just being in his presence, elevates my spirit and changes my perspective. I had met him once before, 5 years ago. Not knowing who he was, a friend of mine (Diego Ortiz Mugica, an amazing photographer) was publishing a book about him and asked me if they could spend a day at Peuma Hue filming, taking pictures and with Br. David giving a talk at the Temple to a group of followers. I asked if I could join and was completely inspired by him. Since then, I read some of his books but most of all, tried to follow his teachings.
Br David was accompanied by Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk, molecular biologist and photographer, author of many books that have been inspiring me for a long time. A committed advocate for altruism to all sentient beings and promoting Happiness, he was declared the happiest man on Earth by a team of neuroscientists that have been working with him and other participants (monks and lay). Led by Tania Singer, a social neuroscientist and director of the Social Neuroscience Department of the Max Planck Institute in Germany, she and her team have been developing avant-garde research on the cognitive and neural brain development in mindfulness, empathy, compassion, cognitive perspective and more. And then there were Pavel Luksha, founder and director of the Global Education Future in Moscow, Margret Rasfeld author and founder of Schools in Transformation in Germany and Christian Plebst, an argentine psychiatrist working in the enhancement of child, youth and human development through several institutions and his daily clinical practice. All of them, together with part of the wonderful organization that made this possible, visited Peuma Hue after the Buenos Aires event. My heart was in flames, my spirit soaring!
Many more wonderful teachers participated in the Bs As Education event with amazing transformation proposals and practices in Education; sharing their work and experiences. Among them was Patricia Jennings, an American researcher in Education, teacher´s wellbeing and socio-emotional learning and Prof. Alexander Laszlo, director and teacher of different programs around Leadership, Cybernetics, Systems and Management Sciences; Markets and Business Systems; Organizational Transformation & Social Change and Managing Global Transitions. And the long list continues with all the teachers, school directors and lecturers that participated in larger and smaller groups sharing their work. To all of them, THANK YOU! Thank you Lizzie, Beto and Ale for organizing it all. Thank you for lifting my spirit, renewing hope in the future of humankind and urging me to do more. So many working silently with a tremendous impact in our children, education and society. So many, building the foundations of a better society we so much need.

brother david

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