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Peuma Hue Ecolodge- Guest´s Feedback

Peuma Hue Ecolodge

We appreciate and thank all our guests for the lovely feedback, the lovely spirit and friendship we receive from so many of them. You make it worth the effort and love we put in everything we offer. Deep thanks to all!!!

We here copy what one of our guests wrote lately. Thank you Irwin and Rachel for your loving writing 😊.

Eve and all the team at Peuma Hue

peuma hue

Dear Eve,


It is difficult to describe an intangible but I will try.   As we depart your estancia this morning of course we will reflect on your wonderful staff.  Jose and Mariana who pampered us with their service and kindness (the nicest people!).  Luz, who seamlessly ironed out any snafu.  Jesse made sure I had my special chair, and Rachel had her pot of coffee for her 5:30 AM awakening.  

And Ash for his boat ride, and passion for this place.  He is a keeper.  


Reuben.  Hiking with you was a privilege, and such fun.   Your wisdom, insights, sense of humor, I so thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  And who knows, Bozeman isn’t far…


Lastly Eve, I cannot even begin to express my admiration for what you have done here.  As I whispered in your ear yesterday, there are many beautiful places in the world.   The intangible of this place is you.  I am in awe of how you had a vision, and you made that vision a reality.   Peuma Hue is a gift to the world, and the world is better because of it.   That’s what I call a legacy. 


With warmest regards,


peuma hue

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