Peuma Hue´s paradigms to share

Peuma Hue´s paradigms to share with you all for a better world 🙂

Opening to new paradigms and within my deepest self, I keep rediscovering in awe the mystery of how our bodies, emotions, mind and souls work together, aligned with a Purpose and related to All around. More and more scientists, philosophers and authors coming from different disciplines are unifying scientific, spiritual and philosophical perspectives reintegrating what our western civilization separated into watertight compartments. What already ancient wisdom was teaching long ago, is now rediscovered in each level of being. With great Joy I discover new – and rediscover old – books, videos, authors and researchers and meet more people aligned with this holistic, fractal and integral perspective. I invite you to do your own research (outside and within yourself) and find those that resonate more with yourself. Just as an opening possibility I offer the link to this video from biologist Bruce Lipton, but there are so many more. Have a good Journey:

By Eve Hoter

Thank you very much Bruce Lipton!! 🙂




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