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Top 5 Excursions in Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina
Andes mountains and lakes

Andes mountains and lakes

The amount of activities in pristine mountain forests, clear glacier lakes, and rapid running rivers is never ending. It also has the Patagonia tag which makes it extra special. There is just something mystical about Patagonia. No one really knows where it starts and stops. It runs through 4 different provinces and 2 different countries. It’s its’ own entity. So to be labeled as part of that is magic all in itself. As a North American transplant, I find so much joy in wonder in this magical place. I can feel the mountains are alive, constantly changing and moving. As I look down from the highest peaks, I try to imagine the glaciers hundreds of thousands of years ago carving their way through the valley and then finally leaving chunks behind which melt down into the lakes of the area. They all have different mineral components from their time era reflecting light differently giving the appearance of different colors. We have the deep blue of Lago Gutierrez and the emerald green of Lago Mascardi, two lakes which are side by side to us but the creation was separated by thousands of years. All this geology amazes me every time I gaze out from a different vantage point or am able to participate in any excursion that is offered around here.

It is with this in mind that I want to comprise a list of the top 5 excursions around this area. Now there are many different things available for many different ages and fitness categories. For me, I am an active woman who likes a challenge and is not afraid of much (such as heights, drowning, falling, etc etc). Things that excite me are amazing views, mystical forests that could possibly house some Lord of the Rings creatures, or thrilling adventures that is not available in everyday life. I understand every person is different and come with their own purposes and expectations for their Patagonia experience. This is just meant to help or suggest what is available. So stay with me for the next 5 entries 🙂

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