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Tribute to Alpha, my furry angel

Alpha, tribute to my furry angel

by Eve


You´re gone… God I will miss you….

You were in pain, you were suffering hard and yet you didn´t want to bother… just a faint moan and your gentle paw on my lap. Your pain is over but your memory will live forever.

Gentle sweet soul, always there with a kind smile, a kind paw on my lap, a paw seeking the touch of my hand. Never too demanding and always so giving. If your brother bullied you, you would just look at him, holding your ground peacefully and never fighting back. Intelligent, you always knew what was going on and always gave your best.

alphaSo many took you on walks; usually coming back having fallen in love with you… how couldn´t they? Such a gentle, kind, forgiving, calm companion, loving soul is not easily found. That is why we will always remember you. You taught us loving-kindness, patience, gentleness; you were always a beautiful presence that engaged all souls. Giant as you were, no kid was afraid of you… rather they adored you. Your appetite was legendary and I can still see you trotting along with some “treasure” you had found buried in the forest. That lovely light trot, wagging your tail, “here I am, Mom”, lifting your ears attentively, observing all around.

All of us will miss you. All of us are already missing you. Gandhi, Tara, Sophie are lying down, alpha dogfaces grave, knowing exactly that you won´t be around anymore…. But your Spirit lives, your soul is with us and we all treasure you in our hearts.

Farewell my friend, my furry angel; you left a hole in my heart. But much greater is my Gratitude for your presence in my life during these more than 10 years… Your company, your Joy, your sweetness, your smile, your happy wagging tail, your gentleness, your kindness…. Always allowing your Mom Mara to clean you until her death… You and Gandhi were born on my couch…. We´ve been together all your much too short life. I miss you… I love you.

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