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You can´t hide this truth

You Can’t Hide This Truth: Without Action, Global Warming Will Be Catastrophic
by Jonathan Hahn, Sierra magazine

global warming

The nation’s leading federal scientists gave new meaning to “Black Friday” last week when they released the starkest warning yet, that without immediate action, global warming will fundamentally transform the United States—a warning so precise in its calculus that a gimmicky attempt to bury the news during a holiday was little more than a distraction.

As families and friends across the country enjoyed the Thanksgiving break, the Trump administration released the fourth National Climate Assessment, choosing to do so on the busiest shopping day of the year in a transparent attempt to hide it from media scrutiny.

The effort was a flop: Scientists, journalists, and leaders in government and the private sector across the country and around the world moved quickly to broadcast the climate assessment, and its dire findings dominated headlines over the weekend. The report is the federal government’s clearest statement to date that the reckless burning of fossil fuels for the last two centuries has put the nation on a collision course with a variety of near-biblical planetary consequences, from extreme drought and massive storms to monster wildfires, sea level rise, and the multiplication of dangerous diseases.

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