Learning in Nature

By Evelyn Hoter




We all seek growth and learning; expanding our horizons and understanding; to improve our quality of life; to share and deepen our relationships and feelings of Joy and Purpose in our lives.

This natural drive sometimes gets blurred while engaging with the hassle and bustle of our everyday lives. When we leave on vacations, we seek for a time for ourselves, to rest, to enjoy, to share. We naturally allow that space for re-connecting with ourselves and what is meaningful to us. Set in a completely different context and scenario, giving ourselves time and a break away from our highly demanding and stressful ways of living, our soul and deeper drives step forward when given the right context. And each one allows and takes it in in the way they feel most comfortable and aligned. This is the beauty, it doesn´t matter. If we expand or take in a new learning in one level, it affects the others. Either through the body, the mind, the emotions, the experiences, the interactions or our spirit… the rest will follow.

How can we deal with some of our “abandoned areas”, enrich our lives and get engaged in the process of co-creating ourselves in different levels together with what is around us, to be the best we can? There are as many different ways as lives on Earth. There are wonderful formal practices that enhance wellbeing, from nutrition, to exercise, to different therapies and coaching, to healthy lifestyles, Yoga, different medicines, learning processes and more. And then there is also a good vacation, where naturally our body and soul align and expand. And it is in us to transform that into lasting learning.

It is the way we live our lives and how we impact others where the process of growth, change, purpose and meaning in our lives has any sense at all. A coach, a therapy, a retreat, a practice, books, movies, a sign on a post, a sudden awareness or just a good vacation can trigger reflections or experiences that might lead to change if the attitude is the right one. If we have a strong unintended experience that hits us in every level of our being, it might open new paths, expand our understanding or the way we see life.

Nature at Peuma Hue offers invaluable opportunities. A peaceful pond surrounded by forest and mountains in a small valley provides the feeling of support and peace; a tree left standing after being hit by a massive slide provides the feeling of resilience and grounding; a rock with a majestic view around provides the feeling of infinitude and scale; the waterfalls and creeks teach us to flow, clean and nurture; the forest itself provides the knowledge of interdependence… Nature affects us deeply, triggering feelings and experiences that might lead to further processes of change. Being part of Nature, when we have been long estranged by city life, we need to go back to it; we find a broader meaning while immersed in it.

Change happens all the time in different ways when our soul is seeking it. Context is a strong trigger. Life always provides opportunities and what we really need. It is in us to be opened and connected, find the signals and gather the tools to make something good about it.

“Life can only be understood looking backwards, but can only be lived looking ahead” said Søren Kierkegaard.

It is often on vacations that we have the time and the distance to do this – or at least to start it – away from our daily schedules.

At Peuma Hue, we are the result of so much we learned and received from every single soul that worked and visited here.  And as magic abounds, people usually find what they need – or more – and have a boost in their awareness without even noticing, not pushing into any direction. It just happens or it is enhanced by a workshop or by a conscious quest. And all this is a circular and never-ending process where we all give and receive, enriching all ends.

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