Estancia Peuma Hue and connecting to yourself in Nature

By Evelyn Hoter


Peuma Hue, “Place of Dreams” in Native Mapuche language, lives up to its “Dreams”. A “peuma”, for the Mapuche Nation, is a dream that provides an important meaning to your life, a significant message, an answer to a quest. In that sense, a peuma is related to the soul, it sees into the essence of your Life.

I “belong” here. It is the Dream of my life; it is the most magical place on Earth; my Teacher and for many others too.

Someone asked me how I came to it. I got “trapped” and just couldn´t move when I first stepped on its completely abandoned grounds; all covered, even hidden by thorny invasive rosehip. The only remnants of what used to be a farm were a little shack with a lovely fireplace and some rows of poplars planted as windbreaks. The previous human occupation left a lot of garbage, stumps from illegal logging of the ancient forest and a sawmill. But I couldn´t move… I was drawn by the place, felt pulled down into the land… I had finally reached “home”. A new stage in my life began.

Peuma Hue is the expression of what we feel is valuable and can be taken as a metaphor of what happens in all our lives.

We started by clearing invasive species and allowing native forest to come back, we stopped depredation, built the houses and furniture; planted our organic garden and greenhouse and are learning to live in the most “connected” way among our team, with our animals (part of the staff), with Nature, with our guests, with our community. It turned into a new home for many, human and otherwise. We learned from each other, we needed each other. We give the best we can in every single level within a sustainable and responsible way of sharing with guests around the world, hoping to make a little difference in people´s lives and wellbeing. The scenery is dramatic; Nature and the Beauty around is indescribable; a warm and cozy atmosphere pervades; all sorts of activities; delicious, balanced and healthy meals served with amazing regional wines; Yoga, healing practices and massages, music in the Temple, workshops; participating in community associations and so many other things difficult to convey that deeply impacts people´s lives, blend into the majesty of our surroundings.

Love for Nature, years in the outdoors and my previous work as a psychotherapist and a Life Coach, drove me to deeply enjoy going out with guests into the wilderness and sharing meaningful conversations. Without doing much I started to witness how people were impacted by Nature, by the caring and loving attitude of our animals, by our delicious and healthy meals, by the conversations they had with other guests and more. The whole context we offered triggered an openness that got to the basics and the essence of people´s souls; made them happy, relaxed, reenergized and connected.

What was happening? Because of my training and my search of improving wellbeing, I was aware of different “tools and techniques” to empower people to find answers within themselves, to help them discover the “best” they might be, to improve and identify their skills, to enhance learning processes, to engage in healing practices. What I started to realize was that all this was happening around me without doing anything, without intending it, without even being present.

The power of the context, the strong impact Peuma Hue has on people´s souls and lives was there and people were allowing it in, effortlessly.

It impacts each one in a different way. For some it is the home feeling and exchange of wonderful conversations with other guests and staff. For some it is the food and wine. For some it is the animals, the activities and experiences, the massages and Yoga, the silence and peacefulness, a new balance in their lives. And embracing it all is the special Energy, Power and Beauty of Nature. In all, it reaches the heart; it drives people to the essence of Life and themselves, embracing wellness and Joy. And this opens new horizons, triggers new questions and likes, a richer and more fulfilling balance.

We had guests asking specifically to work on themselves, either through formal workshops or through personal encounters. What we found is that either in just informal outings or with a more conscious focus, being in the mountain, forest and by the water, enhances that work. Nature and music are highways to Spirit and soul.

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