corporativoOutfitted with a spacious business center, Wi-Fi and an inspirational environment, Estancia Peuma Hue is the prime location for Corporate Retreats to foster creativity, brainstorming and planning for a profitable future, without wasting time and all the privacy for groups of up to 36 guests. Our meeting room has large, comfortable tables fit to facilitate communication.

Peuma Hue is an ideal destination for events and retreats, providing 210 hectares of stunning wilderness within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, mountain and valley trails, forest, waterfalls and lakefront for all sorts of outdoor activities; combined with the privacy of cozy and comfortable lodging in 2 houses and 3 villas and excellent gourmet meals based on our organic vegetable garden and home-made products. Our ample meeting room can be set up in different ways to adjust for specific needs. Just 35 minutes from the airport and 20 from town, Peuma Hue is a destination in itself, with no need for transfers nor losing time to fully enjoy activities during breaks without interrupting the processes that are sought.



For smaller retreats that wish to benefit from our unique location and lodge at Peuma Hue, we´ve added one more house to our accommodation availability, having a total capacity for 14 guests in single rooms, 28 in doubles and 36 beds in total (some rooms can be made as triple rooms).

For larger events during the day of up to 250 people, we set up large tents at our bay area, not affecting our lodging operation. For smaller groups for the day, our meeting room hosts up to 70 seated guests. On those event days, we start in the morning with activities – depending on the main interest we can organize from just outdoor activities such as trekking, horseback riding, kayaks or Yoga dividing the group in small teams – team building or events focused on a specific goal. We then serve a nice lunch (from a barbecue to a gourmet lunch) and continue with activities in the afternoon. For a closing, we can offer a complete tea or appetizers and it can be organized again in different ways according to what is needed to achieve. We sometimes use our Non-denominational Temple for a gathering or a music concert. Wi-fi and mobile phone signal are available throughout the place.

We have developed wellness tips, contents and activities to be added to your meeting if wished, to add to your “break” and the working hustle.  

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Corporate program (as one of several possibilities):

Peuma Hue Nature Challenge

  • Scenery: Peuma Hue Mountain Lodge, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina.
  • Method: Recreational and bonding activity to be developed in teams with a common goal, fostering teamwork and partnership. There are various types of activities with different physical demand so everybody can participate.
  • Activities: Guided horseback riding, kayak, biking, trekking, GPS utilization, harvesting at the organic garden.


  • Reception at the meeting room.
  • Breakfast.
  • Explanation and presentation of the aims of each activity and introduction to the guides. Teams assignment.

“To prepare an appetizer at the foot of the waterfall at Peuma Hue Lodge, searching and transporting the products needed either by horseback, bicycles, kayaks or trekking ; following guidelines and prescribed routes ”.

Teams assignment:


They are in charge of harvesting the ingredients necessary for the appetizers. They have to transport them in harvesting baskets. They must hike to the designated tasting place using a sketch map as a reference, going through different posts and achieving the given assignments.


They have to paddle the kayaks along the shoreline and bay and complete several assignments on the way, before they reach the meeting point to achieve their goals. They use a sketch map to guide themselves.


On horseback and with the help of maps, they have to follow a route around several posts gathering different products that will help them give shape to the “assignment of the day”. They must add the products to the tasting place.


With the assistance of a GPS, they will have to rescue the Company´s banner, lost by the previous expedition and place it high at the Peuma Hue waterfall, to be seen by everybody during the tasting.

  • Outdoor fresh food tasting.
  • Teams scoring and award ceremony.
  • Lunch at Peuma Hue Lodge.

Exclusiveness: Private service developed on private lodge with exclusive access.
Catering and drinks: Private service developed on private lodge with exclusive access.
Included services: professional guides for the coordination of each group, necessary equipment for the activities, personal insurance and lunch with beverages according to previous arrangements.
Optional: transfers, live music, etc.


Corporate program 

Team building Workshop
Team building and activities designed to optimize group functioning are goals sought in today´s leading companies. The main objective is to assist individuals and groups to improve their performance and efficiency; their relationship, interaction and communication. It develops teaching and reflection tools that can be extended to their working environment such as diversity as an asset rather than an obstacle, adversity as an opportunity, the importance of working aligned in a common goal and in unknown terrain.

Outdoor activities allow an experiential learning not achieved in other contexts, facilitating leadership changes and fostering growth through action. They foster fun and the beauty around increases satisfaction and enhances the spirit. Changing the regular context in which groups work opens new personal relationships, breaking old interaction patterns, fostering trust and commitment while having fun in good spirit. This allows the presence of new resources and triggers a more active participation among everyone. Please check for dates and group prices.