Workshops 2019 at Peuma Hue Ecolodge

Qi Gong Retreat in Patagonia- A healing experience.

March 28-31th, 2019


Bringing together the ancient knowledge from oriental arts. Qigong ( Energy Healing) Retreat invites you to journey to deeper layers of the body and consciousness to find your center power and reach body mind connection.

Bharú is an International instructor of Qigong, Medical Qigong, Kung fu, & Meditation/Mindfulness. Is founder of Aknanda Healing Arts. He started practicing at an early age and began his studies in Oriental Arts since 1999, learning in China, Indonesia, Thailand y Argentina. During the latest years he has been teaching in Argentina, Vietnam, Nepal, Berlin, & Costa Rica.
Bharú has created “Aknanda Method” and is teaching and sharing his knowledge to many students. This Method’s purpose is to help the practitioner find a more balanced and healthier life and allows to develop human potential, feel vital and find body mind and spirit connection.


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A Midlife Women´s Wilderness Rite of Passage in Patagonia

Friday May 3 to Friday May 10, 2019

Transform Your Tired, Worn-Out Life and Re-Birth Into the Most Authentic and Vibrant Expression of Yourself!wellness

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Yoga Retreats

Throughout the year Estancia Peuma Hue organizes multi-day Yoga retreats. These seminars are led by certified Yoga instructors and are enhanced by our holistic healers, natural setting and healthy lifestyle. Aspects to the soul such as self-love, raising one’s potential and living a peaceful, healthy, balanced life in harmony are discussed and practiced during this time for inner-reflection and connection. Please check for dates and group prices or on demand. Minimum of 6 required.






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Personal Development an Self-awareness Workshop in Nature
With Evelyn’s prior experience as a Life Coach, 22 years as a psychotherapist and her love for Nature, she has a diverse set of tools to open others to raise their potential. Evelyn and her team will create contexts to foster new experiences and learning, opening new channels and connections, helping you to focus on your own essence and dreams. Through helpful actions such as connecting to the elements, one-to-one communication, meditation and visualization, Peuma Hue’s self-awareness retreats are a key in opening to new possibilities and understanding in your life. Please check for dates and group prices. Minimum of 6 required.


Team building Workshop
Team building and activities designed to optimize group functioning are goals sought in today´s leading companies. The main objective is to assist individuals and groups to improve their performance and efficiency; their relationship, interaction and communication. It develops teaching and reflection tools that can be extended to their working environment such as diversity as an asset rather than an obstacle, adversity as an opportunity, the importance of working aligned in a common goal and in unknown terrain.

Outdoor activities allow an experiential learning not achieved in other contexts, facilitating leadership changes and fostering growth through action. They foster fun and the beauty around increases satisfaction and enhances the spirit. Changing the regular context in which groups work opens new personal relationships, breaking old interaction patterns, fostering trust and commitment while having fun in good spirit. This allows the presence of new resources and triggers a more active participation among everyone. Please check for dates and group prices.


Literary Arts Workshop
Different authors and experienced writers will lead you through books and inspiring topics to enhance your writing, author comprehension and work on specific authors.

Photography Workshop
What can be more inspiring for photographers than stunning majestic Nature all around; varied terrain: mountains, waterfalls, creeks, forest, lake, ponds and animals; different lighting every day and colors every season? Led by renowned photographers, enjoy the privileged setting of Estancia Peuma Hue.

Cooking Workshop 

Three chefs are the ones who brought our cuisine to the most outstanding level with delicious gourmet, balanced and healthy meals based on home-made products and our organic vegetable garden. With a varied offer from typical argentine and regional Patagonian dishes, to international cuisine, benefit from these workshops enhancing your culinary options in the midst of majestic nature.