Horseback riding


Stunning views and different levels of expertise for riders are offered within 500 acres of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Peuma Hue, a beautiful eco-resort in North Patagonia and close to the town of Bariloche, is located within the National Park, at the foot of south Catedral range and on 2 miles of lakeshore. We cover flat terrain within the valley, mountain terrain up the surrounding slopes, forest; and our horses – incredibly trained by a horsewhisperer, Chris Barrett – even swim in the lake with our guests, marveled by the opportunity of living such wonderful experiences with an animal friend.

Our rides start at our stables, where our guide picks up the suitable horse for each guest; saddles them and provides the necessary equipment (helmet and half chaps) for each guest. After checking expertise and providing instructions, rides set off into different directions according to the level of expertise and previous rides. We adapt to different ages and levels of expertise – from beginners to experts – with different riding trails.


Chris Barrett, our horse-whisperer guide and head of the group of our guides, grew up among horses, riding and learning from them. But not being that enough, she devoted her life to understand them better, to become one of the best of their leaders and an animal communicator. She´s locally the one who has set the basic procedures for the safety issues in horseback riding in the region, is one of the best trainers in the area and is renowned for her horse skills.

Many of our guests – who had been owning horses and riding throughout their lives – commented they had learned more in a single day at Peuma Hue than throughout their lives breeding or riding horses. Chris, and her crew, are in absolute charge of every single aspect of our horses; feeding, taking care of their health, shoeing them and training them in her very unique and loving way, deeply communicating with them. She has trained our horses in a way that they meet all types of expertise, from novices to real experts and chooses the one who suits each of our guest’s personalities. Used to different terrain, they thrive galloping on the plains and beaches, climbing steep stuff, swimming in the lake, wading creeks, wandering through the forest in horse treks. She picks up different itineraries suited for different kinds of expertise, ranging from 1 hour to 4 or 5 hour rides and covering completely different terrain that this magical and varied land offers.

We take groups up to 7 guests per ride, due to safety reasons. Horses roam freely around the Lodge, and guests are thrilled not only to ride them but to walk over to pet, feed and share some time with them. On beautiful sunny summer days, our guests indulge riding and swimming with our wonderfully trained horses in our lake!

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