Kayaking and Boat Rides

The fact that Peuma Hue sits east from the D´Agostini peak and our prevailing winds in Patagonia come from the west most of the year, gives us a privileged location for kayaking, boat rides or fishing, with calm waters at the bay and shores, protected by the mountain. Our lakeside is surrounded by native forest, with huge coihue trees extending their arms into the waters, waterfalls running into the lake, sunken trees seen through crystal clear waters and fuchsias and other wild flowers growing along the shore. Paddling on the lake is magical. The views are amazing; the peace strikes your soul. You can paddle as long as you wish, maybe to the facing beaches at the peninsula at Bahía Muñoz, while watching trout jumping in front of your kayak. We invite you to join our magic lake, paddling in our sea-kayaks and duckies (inflatable kayaks), jumping in our boat with our dogs to go on a boat ride and walking back along the shore guided by them; or fishing its calm waters either from our beach and lakeside or at the mouth of creeks running into the lake. Or simply indulge in drawing in the beauty from its shore or swimming in clear water.