Estancia Peuma Hue is an ideal location to visit the Lake District and surrounding National Parks. A number of trekking trails from our eco-lodge lead to the largest network of hiking trails in the National Park, allowing long multi-day treks using the Park mountain huts. You can hike from our front door to the Frey valley, with its vertical spires offering world famous rock climbing. You can either drive or take a 2-day trek or horseback ride from Peuma Hue to Mt Tronador, the highest peak in the area, with its eight glaciers hanging from its flanks.

Estancia Peuma Hue is strategically situated as an ideal Lodge to stop and recover or to do other types of outdoor activities if you are on the Huella Andina trail, a long distance backbone trail developing through the 5 National Parks of Northern Patagonia.

Scenic drives around the “Circuito Chico” offer splendid views over Nahuel Huapi Lake and National Park. Cross into Chile by boat or in sea-kayak. Drive to nearby towns and resorts: El Bolsón, famous for its artisans, flea market and medieval concerts is only 70 miles south; Villa La Angostura with the charm of a small mountain village is 60 miles northwest on the northern shore of Nahuel Huapi Lake or San Martín de los Andes, a beautiful mountain resort, is 130 miles north, across the famous 7 Lakes Road. 40 miles north, the Enchanted Valley, along the Limay River, boasts puzzling rock formations due to the erosion in old mountain folds.

The area is full of charm during all seasons. Fall gifts us with striking colors ranging from yellow to dark burgundy. Deciduous nothofagus forests of “lenga” and “ñire” trees cover the mountains in red. Poplars turn Peuma Hue’s lawn yellow. Mt Catedral is a world class skiing resort in winter. The melting snow and fast running waters are the delight of river runners in spring, when wild flowers carpet the ground. The Patagonia Lake District attracts anglers from all over the world for trout and salmon fly fishing. Summer offers its splendor for every outdoor activity you wish to do.

If you need any help with arrangements to tour this area, we can provide the assistance you need! Close by, leaving from the Estancia:

  • River rafting and kayaking on the close by Manso River (class II-II and III-IV sections)
  • Fly fishing day tours to prime fishing rivers and lakes in the area
  • Birdwatching in unique and varied environments
  • Mountain biking
  • Overnight 2-day riding tours
  • Alpine skiing
  • Cross-country and backcountry skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Scenic drives: Circuito Chico, Circuito Grande, Lago Traful, Valle Encantado, El Bolsón, Mt Tronador

Peuma Hue is located within the southern part of Nahuel Huapi National Park. We are part of “Al Sur del Nahuel Huapi”, a team of hotel owners and tour operators working together to provide unique experiences in this dream land. Passion for what we do is what brings us together. We established a different way to render our services to our visitors: a personalized and coordinated way, focusing on high quality service and in full contact with nature. By working as a team in this magnificent region, we were able to better develop sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible tourism in the area and foster the region’s growth in a personalized and unique way. We are united by the love and passion for this incredible land which we invite you to discover!