Trekking-at-Peuma-Hue-2Peuma Hue is a paradise for those who love hiking and trekking. A large variety of trails cross pristine forest, ancient rocks, gorges, hilltops and stunning waterfalls with beautiful views over the Gutiérrez and Mascardi lakes and facing ancient mountain fold. Take trails leading to different waterfalls or link them in longer hiking options. You can also choose peaceful walks through the valley under ancient trees and forests or climb along landslides up to a hilltop. Walk or hike from just some minutes to a full day within the 500 acres of the property or link to the largest trekking network in Argentina (within our National Park), just behind our mountain, with no need for transfers!

This is one of the few places on Earth where waters are so clean and pure that you can safely drink out of a waterfall or a creek!

Just within our property or adjacent to it, our guests have wonderful personal experiences not only due to the wonderful views, great and challenging treks but also being in deep contact with a peaceful place with a very powerful energy. Drawing in that energy connects people to what’s most valuable within and around; to pristine forest, rocks, ledges, waterfalls, canyons, landslides. Trailheads are just close to the houses. Stand at the foot of a huge waterfall that drops in front of you, opens up around you and keeps flowing down in full strength, draining a huge bowl at the end of the Catedral Range; look for the perfect rock that holds your body while watching lakes, forest and waterfalls around you; feel the energy of ancient rocks under ledges; connect with the healing energy of this magical forest; witness the power of nature walking by huge landslides.

There are several options to choose, meeting different interests, lengths and levels of difficulty or expertise. We will provide you with sketches and an explanation highlighting different spots on the path. Trails are marked with ribbons of different colors to make them easier to follow and often, if you wish, our dogs will be your “hiking guides”. If you would rather have any of us accompanying you, please let us know.

Peuma Hue is also strategically located on the Huella Andina long distance trail; a chain of trekking paths, shelters and a myriad of services on the backbone of the North Patagonian Andes. The estancia is the ideal deluxe Lodge to relax and enjoy either hiking or other multiple outdoor activities if you are interested in trekking the Huella Andina. And what a golden end if you choose to finish it here!

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