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Christmas and New Year’s Eve

Christmas and New Year’s Evenings at Peuma Hue Ecolodge

An unforgettable night in the middle of the forest, by the lake with great music and exquisite food and wine.


Christmas and New Year are dates where no matter what we believe in, we tend to look at our past year and make some sort of revision. In so doing we connect with what is valuable to us, we reconsider, we hope, we envision, we plan. We do this probing into our souls, into our minds, into our hearts.

At Peuma Hue we like to provide a context that facilitates this in-depth experience. With profound respect for differences, styles or religions, we are careful to make everybody feel welcomed and comfortable, without associating it to any particular creed. With our beautiful non-denominational Temple, its perfect acoustics, surrounded by majestic forest and with Mt Catedral soaring above it, Nature and Music touch deeply into everybody’s souls.


An unforgettable night in the midst of majestic nature, by the lake, sharing with other guests and our smiling and dedicated staff, with great music and exquisite food and wine we offer a live music concert at our candle-lit non-denominational Temple while savoring a delicious cocktail with appetizers and drinks. After this moving event, enjoy a special Christmas Eve and New Year dinner in Estancia Peuma Hue’s main dining room. Our musicians will play a wonderful repertoire of classic music, tango and always a “surprise” that each year delights our bodies and souls.


For visitors: U$D200 p/p please make your reservation in advance due to limited availability.

For our guests: Ask for special prices and packages. Thanks!

Please write to or to, call us or contact us by Skype at estancia.peumahue


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