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Healthy Nutrition Retreat





“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”


May our nutrition be our medicine and our medicine our nutritionHipocrates.



In this workshop we will focus on the importance of a healthy nutrition. We will learn how to combine different kinds of food, how to choose poplar-peumahue6taking into account our needs. There is no equal or correct style for everybody. We have to nourish ourselves depending our everyday activities, where we live, our biology, our psychology and our lifestyle. It is also important to see what it is that we need now. Not only it is about food, but also about our thoughts and meditation; finding our balance and main focus; achieving our goals. We will aim at aligning essence and intuition.

We will aim at aligning essence and intuition.




Estancia Peuma Hue, 25 km from downtown Bariloche, 30´ from airport.


7 days program, 6 nights: U$S2165+ TAX

Includes: Lodging in double occupancy superior room. All meals based on our organic garden, homemade products, fresh juices. Every day workshops on healthy nutrition with practice. Trekking, horseback riding, kayak. Meditation, yoga class, mindful walks and connection with the natural elements and our subtle bodies. Transfer in-out not included


Coordinated by Laura Vannelli 





Who else is involved?

The entire team, human, animal and nature. We are so many some are  behind the scenes and it would be too long to explain how unique Argentinean cuisine Patagonia Argentinaeach one is. You will get to know a few characters: humans, bushy-tailed, winged, and a variety of shapes. Each one is a magician providing her/his essence to every other, and that is what makes Peuma Hue so special.

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