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Mindful eating & cooking class retreat

Mindfulness Nutrition

Mindful eating & cooking class Retreat in Peuma Hue Ecolodge

With Manuel García Laborde


October, 26th to 29th, 2018

Four days to enjoy a natural paradise and to connect with healthy nutrition through mindful gastronomy with Manu García Laborde, preparing and tasting delicious dishes. The workshop also includes outdoor activities and other moments for relax in a deluxe lodging by the lake and mountains.

Price per person (in double rooms): U$D595 per person.

Price includes lodging in double rooms, meals, activities such as horseback riding, kayak, u pick, hot tub, boat ride and the retreat with all the necessary equipment.


During the retreat we will approach everything you need to know in order to organize your daily nutrition, prepare delicious meals, highly nutritious with fresh, organic and whole ingredients.
The plan is that once you finish the retreat you have traveled and incorporated a large range of cooking techniques, natural ingredients and the logic to rethink and organize yours, your project´s or your family´s nutrition.

This retreat is for advanced, entrepreneurs and gastronomic professionals as it is for beginners. We will cover the teaching from a theoretical, practical and participatory perspective.
Learn to choose what to eat and how to prepare it, empowering your body with delicious meals that contain noble food.

We will go through the following preparations:
Salad: legumes, whole grain (+pasta), vegetables (raw and cooked) .
Dresing and vainaigrette with: herbs, spice, seed cream, fruit cream, sweet and sour, with yogurt, aromatic oil, with seaweed.
Dry condiment: Gomasio, Rawmesan, Farofa, spice Masalas.
Wraps, Rolls & Sandwiches (with and without gluten): Sandwich, Saracen Galette, Farinatta, Tapioca, Chapati, Cabbage Wrap, Nori Rolls, Zucchini Involving.
Dips & Fillings: Hummus, Mayo Vegetal, Pesto, Cheese with herbs, Seeds/Tofu spreadable.
Fermented food: mother dough, Chucrut. Homemade natural soda.
Whole dough: salad cake, Empanadas, Little baskets.
Fillings: marinated vegetables, Paneer, Caramelized onions.
Homemade paste: Spaghetti, stuffed pasta, Caneloni
Sauces: Filetto, Satay
Vegetarian hamburger, Croquettes (+ Falafel), battered, breaded
Sides: Polenta canes, sweet potatoes wedge, Yukitas, Pickles.
Sauce and dressing: Chutney, Sweet Chilly, Criolla, Ketchup, Aioli, homemade mustard, hot sauce.



Friday 26/10
Check in time from 15 hrs on.
Welcome conference.
First class
Walking in the forest.
Cocktail and dinner.

Saturday 27/10
Horseback riding
Cooking class
Free time
Cooking class
Cocktail and dinner.

Sunday 28/10
Cooking class
Free time
Cooking class
Cocktail and dinner.

Monday 29/10
Closing of the retreat
Check out (10 am)


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