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Yoga Retreat in Peuma Hue



“In a world where we are becoming more complex to fit into every day life; luxury for me is, return to our own Nature.”

I feel Peuma-Hue is like those unique places in the world where only being there awakens  you, it will wisen you about the dream one lives in, that running for survival. This setting, which is near Bariloche, welcomes you and is open to one.

“…those unique places  in the world where only being there awakens  you,

it will wisen you about the dream one lives in, that running for survival.”



The meadow, the multiple trails, the mountains, the woods, waterfalls,  animals; they are the main hosts.

The idea is to relax, with no plans, nevertheless, there are many activities to enjoy.y

Yoga classes at down and dusk, following a plan which is tailored for each individual, thus bring the body, mind and emotions into balance. Relaxing massages that detoxify, stimulate and reconnect. Mindful walks, meditations in several scenarios; in the woods, at the waterfalls and at the temple. You learn techniques and tools for stress management. The ones who may be attracted in quantum healing practices, I guide on harmonizations, cleansing and activation of the seven life force energy centers.

The horseback rides are enhanced by the majestic views from the mountains. You can ride deep into the forest which brings a true feeling of connection.

yog The Lake; you can plunge into Gutierrez Lake on a mild day and you can experience the warmth of your skin diving into the cold water which stimulates your body, reactivates the metabolism, and leaves one in the state of alertness and relaxed.

Experience by kayak these deep bluish-green waters and enjoy the quietness with the breeze.

Here you are nourished, and our chef, Manuela Luna is a cuisine magician and she knows how to do that. She prepares recipes based on the organic cultivation from Peuma´s own garden. Balancing necessary nutrients for vegetarian meals and fully respecting recipes for ones who choose meals of animal origin. Boosting seasonal fruit, february is the time where red fruits have the leading roles. When you walk around the kitchen and smell the homemade food cooking; the smell is so fresh and savory that you feel the food is alive.

Here you “retreat” from routine.

The release that happens, make things happen, and the more natural you become. Your inner Self is clearer and yoyou feel lighter, vital and reconnected. If you feel more fulfilled that is the most vital treasure one can find.


Estancia Peuma Hue, 25 km from Bariloche downton, 30´ from airport.


4 days program, 3 nights: U$S1215+ TAX

7 days program, 6 nights: U$S2090+ TAX

Includes: Lodging in double occupancy superior room. All meals based on our organic garden, homemade products, fresh juices. Two Yoga classes daily. One relaxing massage. Trekking, horseback riding, kayak. Meditations, conscious walks and practices for connection with the natural elements and our subtle bodies. Transfer in-out not included

Yoga & meditation, healings, conscious walks are coordinated by Vero Magnetto YOGIS




Who else is involved?

The entire team, human, animal and nature. We are so many some are  behind the scenes and it would be too long to explain how unique each one is. You will get to know a few characters: humans, bushy-tailed, winged, and a variety of shapes. Each one is a magician providing her/his essence to every other, and that is what makes Peuma Hue so special.


Tel.  +54-9-294-4501030/  +54-9-294-4504856






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