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Yoga Retreat in Winter and Spring

Yoga Retreat in Winter and Spring

The best way to relax and enjoy Peuma Hue Ecolodge is to practice yoga with the enchanting environment and great instructor Vero Magnetto.

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Winter Retreat: 18 th to 21 st of August, 2017

Spring Retreat: 17 th to 20 th of November, 2017yoga retreat

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If you’re a passionate yoga practitioner, you’ve probably noticed some yoga benefits—maybe you’re sleeping better or getting fewer colds or just feeling more relaxed and at ease. But if you’ve ever tried telling a newbie about the benefits of yoga, you might find that explanations like “It increases the flow of prana” or “It brings energy up your spine” fall on deaf or skeptical ears.

1. Improves your flexibility

2. Builds muscle strength


3. Perfects your posture

4. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

5. Protects your spine

6. Betters your bone health

7. Increases your blood flow

8. Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity


9. Ups your heart rate

10. Drops your blood pressure

11. Regulates your adrenal glands

12. Makes you happier


13. Founds a healthy lifestyle

14. Lowers blood sugar

15. Helps you focus

16. Relaxes your system

17. Improves your balance


18. Maintains your nervous system

19. Releases tension in your limbs

20. Helps you sleep deeper


21. Boosts your immune system functionality


22. Gives your lungs room to breathe



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