The Experience at Peuma Hue

We share what we value for body and soul.

Draw in the beauty and peace from our majestic surroundings within the National Park: 2 miles of lakeshore, jagged peaks, pristine forest and waterfalls. Rejoice in our many activities such as riding with our horsewhisperer guide on our friendly and well-trained horses. Explore our forest and mountain trails trekking into canyons, along slides or waterfalls, accessing nearby hilltops with stunning views over lakes and mountains of the Continental Divide accompanied by our famed golden retriever trekking guides. Enjoy the peacefulness and discover sunken forests kayaking on our lake´s crystal clear waters. Balance your body and soul alignment, strength and flexibility in our Yoga classes or enhance your wellbeing with our healing massages or Nature and Yoga Retreats. Relish in our delicious and healthy meals based on our organic garden and home-made products served with exquisite Patagonian wines. Animals are part of our staff; enjoy, share and play with them right out of your door. Are you a birder? Just outside the houses discover more than 57 bird species. Do you love fly fishing? Bring your rod and cast from our lakeside. Our cozy homes with an elegant-rustic style offer non-pretentious luxury and high quality personalized service. For every nature loving style there is something at Peuma Hue that fits your level of expertise and goes beyond your expectations. Experiential travel finds a true destination in this magic place in the Patagonian Andes Lake District.