Estancia Peuma Hue – Place of Dreams

By Erin McElroy

Welcome to the Estancia Peuma Hue blog! In Mapuche, the language and namesake of the indigenous people of Patagonia, Peuma Hue translates to Place of Dreams.

We are a place where dreams are made, where dreams come true and also a place for good stories. And so we have created this space to share with you; our present, past and future guests, stories and experiences of this special setting.

People find their way to Estancia Peuma Hue in many different ways. Such is the nature of this place, the shared experiences it fosters and the story telling that follows, that many people make it here by word of mouth. This was a part of my story and I’d love to share it with you.

For many of us, when we are traveling to new places we are looking for something extraordinary, not just beautiful sites, but also the feeling you get when you are somewhere new and special. We long for holidays in places where we can experience something special and different, the types of feelings evoked by dreamscapes and spectacular nature.

For me, I have been on a journey to follow my passions and to write a book about my transformative adventure. I had spent much time in Argentina and was hoping and looking to return to finish writing my book in the mountains of Patagonia. This was my dream.

This is when serendipity stepped in and I received a message from a friend whose acquaintance I had made in Mendoza earlier in the year. She asked me what I was up to and where I was. I told her of my dream and she replied to tell me that her mother has a beautiful place on a lake near Bariloche where I could live and volunteer while writing my book.

I reached out to her mother, Evelyn, and within weeks had packed my bags to come experience Peuma Hue…Place of Dreams that is making my very dreams come true in this moment. Since arriving here, I have realized that my experience is not an exception. This really is a place that invites people into a unique and magical experience.

I’ve thought about what it is here that is just so dreamy, which took me to thinking about dreams themselves. Our dreams hold a deep longing, they are alluring and mystical, they evoke our deepest and sincerest feelings and desires. When we are dreaming, awake or asleep, we are giving ourselves the gift of feeling that anything is possible.

This very land represents these same qualities, these themes that run through the entire history of Estancia Peuma Hue through to the present. When Eveyln first took ownership, there was much work to do to restore the land and to turn it into a sanctuary where the remarkable nature of Patagonia can be experienced and celebrated. But she had a vision and a dream and now we all have Estancia Peuma Hue. (I will let her share her own story in more detail, stay tuned!)

Our land blends into the National Park Nahuel Huapi itself and this creates a unique, special place where you can wake up in a comfy bed to the sunrise over the deep, blue lake and spend the afternoons on its shores or wandering through the forests, along the streams, basking in the mist of the waterfalls, relaxing to the expansive colors of the sunset and dreaming under the millions of stars. To take a deep breath and take in the fragrances of the flowers and trees and waters is to feel so alive.

Whether you spend your days relaxing with a picnic, trekking with the dogs, galloping on the back of a horse along a beautiful glacial lake or enjoying the waters of the lake by kayak there are countless opportunities to immerse deeply into the pristine nature here. For me, this has been life-changing.

While you are here, you are living in the magical, breath-taking Patagonia. Now that’s dreamy.

We would love for you to follow along and continue to be a part of what makes this place truly special, those who come here to visit, to live, to dream. We also love to tell stories here, to share and learn from each other, to inspire each other.

How did you find Estancia Peuma Hue? Please share your stories and dreams in the comments!


Erin McElroy is part of our volunteer program here at the estancia. You can find her working in the organic gardens, having all sorts of fun playing in the dirt, or inside the house assisting with meals and trading stories with our guests. In her free time, she loves to explore the trails, meditate by the lake, photograph the nature and write her book. You can also follow her story and photography at and

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