Wellbeing at Peuma Hue

A unique environment to experience Joy, Peace, expansion, fullness and a close connection with Nature, your inner Self and everything around.

Your stay could be tailored according to your preferences, including different activities and exercises in the outdoors and moments of sharing with the group, if wished to.

We share Yoga lessons 3 times a week or otherwise under request, either in front of the lake, in the forest, at the Temple or at our Boardroom, depending on weather conditions.

Anytime, a healing massage will lead you to a journey within yourself.

Wellbeing Program View our full wellbeing program here


Buffet breakfasts are specially tailored to fulfill everyone’s style and healthy requirements. All is homemade, from yogurt, kefir or white cheese to muesli and jams, fresh fruit and the squeeze of the season. Delicious meals are served with the highest quality products from our organic vegetable garden along with excellent argentine wines. After a rest, try our cocktails at the Poplar House living room fireplace. . Menus are carefully designed each season by our head Chef, taking into account local growth and energy requirements, resulting in not only delicious but healthy and balanced meals. If you have any special requests or dietary restrictions, we will accommodate to all your needs.

At Peuma Hue you will experience Nature in full contact. Animals roam freely around the houses and welcome human contact. Our horse whisperer guide has a unique connection with animals and riding with her is a learning experience. Learn how to talk and connect with horses on a beautiful ride to waterfalls, forest and by the lake.

The grand finale will be at our non-denominational Temple where you can en enjoy from meditating on your own or with some of our staff, to celebrating any significant event in your life (some have chosen to renew their vows, get married, baptise their newborn child) to beautiful live music concerts – from classical, tango to andean or celtic if so requested – end corporate or group meetings in this wonderful setting for significant events; develop workshops or anything you yoga-peumahue6might find meaningful.

We have launched Yoga & Nature retreats throughout the different seasons and the Ski & Yoga Deluxe week to benefit from the special energy this place provides for whatever you wish to undertake. As a guest said “not mentioning God or Spirit once, this is the most spiritual place I´ve ever been”.


Yoga Video at Peumahue