Estancia Peuma Hue consists of several villas and cabins spread throughout the 500-acre property as well as a number of yurts set in a “community” overlooking the lake. We offer these accommodations on a first-come first-served basis allowing guests to have their pick of the available units. All accommodations fall within our fixed package pricing—see our packages pages for more information.

Poplar Lodge
Poplar Lodge, is a dreamy space in its own right. Its comfort, coziness, views and decor all combine to offer a uniquely charming and welcoming experience. With a capacity of 8 to 12 guests in 4 bedrooms, it is designed to take full advantage of the setting with large windows all around and spectacular views from each room.
Radal Lodge
Just 100 yards from the Poplar Lodge and across a hanging bridge, is the Radal Lodge. Offering the same comfort level as the Poplar Lodge but in a slightly smaller scale, it can accommodate up to 10 guests in 4 independent double bedrooms, each with a private bathroom.
A large living and dining room with a cozy stone fireplace offers superb views over the lakefront and the stables. It has a fully equipped kitchen.
Coihue Villa
A quaint retreat, the Coihue Villa combines room for 4 to 5 guests with views to the lake and nearby creek. It’s a perfect location in terms of both privacy and closeness to the Poplar House.
It has two double rooms – one upstairs and one downstairs – with a full bathroom with bathtub each, a living room with an extra twin bed or second couch, a cozy fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen. All rooms enjoy a view to the lake, the meandering creek and garden. It is located about 60m from the Main Poplar House, in front of the vegetable garden and has an Argentine-style barbecue.
Creek Cabin
Just 100 yards from the Poplar Lodge and across the vegetable garden, Creek Cabin was the only standing structure when the the property was purchased.
Beautifully recycled and decorated, this cozy log bungalow has a double bedroom suitable for up to 4 guests and a comfortable living room with a fireplace and 2 couches or extra twin beds if needed. It has a kitchenette, and a single bathroom with a shower but no bathtub.
The Yurts
A relatively recent addition to the accommodation options at Peuma Hue, the yurts offer a “glamping” experience like none other. Listen to the birds sing, the breeze dancing in the trees, and take in the views of the lake and mountains. Sleep in a king size bed, lounge on a comfortable couch after taking a warm shower or bath in your private bathroom. These are our new glamping facilities, which you can enjoy at a discounted rate while still partaking in our all-inclusive plans.

Environmentally and Socially Conscious Accommodations

At Peuma Hue we try to incorporate social, environmental and community development practice and consciousness in everything we do. From hiring locally and offering housing for our staff, to improving the living conditions of those around us, we endeavor to be conscientious in all our business practices with the ultimate goal of being a positive force in the universe.

Environmentally beneficial practices

When we first arrived at Estancia Peuma Hue the property was in very poor condition with cattle grazing and illegal timber harvesting and fishing—this despite being located in a national park. Since our arrival, the native forest is returning, we are eradicating invasive species, and we have ended illegal timber harvesting and fishing. In doing so, we have fostered environmental consciousness in those living in and visiting the property.

Each year more migrating birds are choosing Peuma Hue as their nesting and breeding home. We recycle all our garbage, using the organic waste for the compost that goes to our vegetable and greenhouse. We urge our staff and guests to monitor their consumption of water and energy. We are currently in the process of installing a small hydro-electric power plant as a source of clean and renewable energy. Our vegetable garden and greenhouse are organic, free from chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. Our sewage and drainage systems were built following the National Park’s regulations to help maintain our pristine groundwater.

Practices that financially benefit the local community

Since our arrival we gathered tour operators and hotel owners within the south end of the National Park creating an association that fosters a different kind of tourism: environmentally conscious, with small groups, personalized service and a strong love and passion for the area. We founded the active tourism board and active tourism corporate bureau in our town. We assist local NGOs focused in culturally diverse and integrated educational programs, providing labor to their students from native and rural origins to practice the learning they acquired, providing the venue to sell their handicrafts and raising consciousness among our guests about the need of support in the area.

Health & Wellbeing beneficial practices

Staying at Peuma Hue is healthy in itself. Without necessarily formal practices, it is highly common for our guests to undergo personal transformation, deeply felt experiences, deep connections to other people, animals, nature and within themselves with an expanded feeling of peace and connection.

It is a “natural Spa”, enhanced also by other services we offer such as massages, healing, meditation, Yoga, our Wellbeing Program, Personal Development Workshops and Connection to Nature.

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