Poetry in Peuma Hue’s experience

by Peuma Hue

We share with you a beautiful review from our guests, thank you so much for this wonderful words!

We first visited Estancia Peuma Hue in January of 2017 and then when back a week ago in 2018. Both visits were at the end of exhausting adventures through Patagonia and then Antarctica. We wanted to relax before our long journey home. We did.

We found this ranch to be welcoming, comforting, charming, homey – there’s wonderful energy in the mountain air and from the hosts… We kayaked on the pristine crystal clear lake, rode beautiful horses, soaked in the fire heated hot tub, played with the dogs and cats and horses all roaming free on the property, ate delicious meals. After you read the poem my better half wrote for me, you’ll understand why I wanted to go back. And, no, he’s never written anything like this to me before. We both just found something very magical about this place. It inspired him to write poetry and me to want to return.

My Patagonia Girl

Soaring on a condors wing
I circle you, my Patagonia
Like the warm morning sunlight
You wrap me in your warmth

Riding on the breath of fallen sailors
I steal a kiss but am greeted by a gale
And get a taste of your briny shores

With each rise of your breast
Waves wash over me
Deep fjords left unexplored
Until a later time

I cross the steepe to try and understand you
To know your expanses
Is to know true love

The amber grass, like your golden hair waivers in the breeze
And constant as your winds
I seek your touch

With the onslaught of day
The blue aura of your crown begins to fade
The sun pours through your valleys like a river
Cascading down your peaks
Revealing the secrets of your depth

Glacier lakes, your eyes melt my heart
For eons of time
Ice and rock tell their stories
Shared stories in the hills and valleys that surround me

As I enter your forest
We intertwine like the branches
And communicate
Like then Morse code etched on bark of the lenga tree

I have followed you to the end of the world
Just to find our new beginning
Oh, my Patagonia girl

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