Testament to a life of Joy – my dear Gandhi

By Eve Hoter, 21 nov, 2018

In a couple of hours, you will be gone. I´m a thousand miles away, crying your loss, knowing how much I will miss you… I cannot bear thinking to make them wait for me, just for the sake of giving you a last hug, a last goodbye, a last kiss if that means more suffering to you. But God knows how much I yearn for that, my dear soul buddy, my faithful friend, my bossy boy, my loyal inseparable soul mate. I hug you with my heart and with my arms; I can feel your fur in my hands, I can see your eyes, I can feel your trust and love. We lost your brother last year. Now you are leaving. God it hurts…. So deeply… So many things we lived together, so many moments shared – our whole lives while you lived.

You were born on my couch, that big unforgettable puppy… You grew up as one of the most important figures of our Place of Dreams… You were part of our soul, part of our Spirit and mostly, part of our Joy. The forest was our friend; the mountain, our shared Joy. Watching your enthusiastic tail wagging along the trails, nose sensing everything around, your sure footing on every rock you knew so well, were my delight. You – as me – loved exploring. We explored together… you fostered others to explore. Your beautiful caring attitude towards every guest and person around triggered that constant “I want to reincarnate being a dog at Peuma Hue” from so many of those visiting us. Your beautiful face, majestic body, bear paws took so much space in almost every camera that came through Peuma… You lived a good life. A very good life. You don´t deserve suffering, if I can spare that. You spread Joy and Love all around. Always happy, always making the best out of every moment.

God knows how much I love you, God knows how much you cared for me, God is the witness of our deep bond. I´ll miss you my dear friend…. SO MUCH!!!! THANK YOU for the Life you gave me and that we had together. Life won´t be the same without you.

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