What if…

By Eve Hoter, August 27, 2021

Today I was watching my dogs and witnessed what happens almost every day. They we sleeping on my couch, relaxed and calm. Suddenly they jumped up, ran out through the pet door and started barking looking towards the lake. I knew that it meant that at some point, 150 yards away, my neighbor’s horse rides would show up along the lake. And they did… 5 minutes later or more. So many times I questioned myself. What is it? I live in the countryside. No roads, nothing but nature around. The horses are completely out of sight with dense forest in between. You can´t hear them from so far away (and this has happened even with music or other noises inside the house). Dogs have an amazing smell… but from more than a mile away, inside the house while they are asleep? Ground vibration? Again, from so far away? They are not galloping, just walking along the lake. How do they know so way in advance? So many accounts of dogs finding their way home to their family miles and miles away. What is it? Do they have some sense we don´t know about? Birds follow magnetic fields to orient themselves. What other senses might we have, hidden or lost, that other species have more developed?

I started thinking about all the findings in quantum physics, quantum entanglement, unified quantum field, evolution, climate change, all my shared experiences of connection in the forest, about the way trees communicate with each other under the ground and through the air, about the healing properties of a walk in the woods, music or energy medicine, about intuition, about how different discoveries appear in different areas in the world when the time is right, telepathy, epigenetics, the hidden capacities of our body, our neuro-endocrine-immune system, of our brain-heart-gut interconnection we are just starting to discover… and so much more. Amazing discoveries that blow my mind, open my heart and enthuse my soul. They all point out to how we are all so deeply interconnected and interwoven on this planet and in the cosmos. How we have barely just partial knowledge about some things and almost no idea about the deep mystery of reality and its interdependence.

And then some questions:

What if we have many more undeveloped ways of tapping into reality? What if we have hidden abilities in ours and other species to tap into the Whole?

What if our ability to plan and think is just a small part of a much larger understanding and way of being in the Whole that we haven´t developed as a species?

What if we could develop them and flow in that space of the now just as we swim in a flowing river, cocreating reality as we move in that space of individual choice in maximum connection?

Doesn´t climate change, Covid and the pandemic show us in our face that we are all interwoven and that we need to make collaborate choices in view of the best good of the whole?

What if we learned? Would Love on Earth prevail beyond our petty individual choices?

What if we could cocreate a new way of inter-being (as Thich Nhat Hanh would say) on our Beautiful planet?

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