Workation: what is it and why are we incorporating it?

“Workation” is not a new term, but it is an idea that has become very relevant in these new circumstances (our “new normal”), and has been around in the media: it is a new trend that mixes rest and pleasure with work. Combine the English words work (work and vacation (vacation) but what is it exactly?

The circumstances of the pandemic have led us to adopt the home office to reduce circulation in public spaces and in our work spaces. We can work from anywhere! This brings its benefits, such as the comfort and familiarity of the environment, the elimination of the daily commute to work and the extension of our free time, but it has also come with its negative effects: schedules become fuzzy and the people with whom we share our home have to follow new rules to respect our working conditions. Who has not seen a pet or a child cross behind a video call, followed by the profuse apologies of the sender?

It is in this context that the concept of workation : a “transfer” from the home office to a vacation destination, where the stable internet connection and dedicated spaces allow you to develop a working day like at home and then enjoy a different environment in the company of family and friends. Work and quality of life don’t have to be mutually exclusive! After more than a year of stress and anxiety, the possibility of working from more friendly spaces with the quality of life and giving our family more serene environments becomes a priority. Whether we choose an adventure and exploration experience or a spiritual retreat, the important thing is to take the step towards a better experience. If your main concern today is the safety, health and tranquility of your family, this may be a proposal to consider.

What are the advantages of workation ? According to, the experience improves mental health by incorporating a change of environment and routine at work; promotes work disconnection by allowing immediate enjoyment and rest after the day without being aware of the email 24 hours; improve time management during the working day, since we want to meet our objectives for the day to be able to enjoy the environment as soon as we finish, organizing our tasks and time with greater effectiveness and better performance; reconciles work with social and personal life , as it allows us to establish a clear boundary between the two and spend more time with our loved ones; Y promotes greater physical activity , which translates into increased productivity by increasing the level of endorphins and energy (science says!).

At Peuma Hue we adapt and resignify according to the needs of the context, and this is no exception: Excellent internet connection: Despite being in a rural setting, we have high-speed and stable Wi-fi in all houses and cabins.

  • Various spaces: we have houses with office spaces prepared for greater tranquility and privacy.
  • Study and work areas: by offering meals in modality room service the Salón del Ñire, with capacity for 30 people with social distancing, is now free and available to set up a pleasant workspace, with beautiful views and the best internet connection.
  • Food service: We offer the possibility of serving a lunch box directly in the Salón del Ñire for those who prefer not to interrupt the working day.
  • Beyond the essentials: We don’t stop at the basics! The Salón del Ñire has a space with coffee, tea and cookies for the day, in addition to a small meeting room for those who need privacy and greater tranquility in their video calls.

And then? Horseback riding, trekking, walks in the forest, yoga, massages and many more options to enjoy with family and friends one of the most beautiful places in Patagonia. The living proof that it is not one or the other: today more than ever work and pleasure can be combined for an unforgettable experience.

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